Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Old Art

Alright, so in this post...I have two pieces, which are both photos of my parents' wedding...I can't remember if I posted either of these, but if I did, oh well.
The top drawing was done in 2005. It is all in pen, no under took me all summer to get to. I think the actual drawing time was probably about 9-12 hours?? I would work on it here and there, but the thought of messing up was so daunting, it took me forever. It was done on a 12x16 paper.
The other drawing was done sometime in 2006. Unlike the top drawing, this one was layed out in pencil, then drawn over the top with pen, then cleaned up with an eraser. Although the drawings are not as polished as the top one, I liked the process much better...there was less anxiety. But I do value the lesson in focus for the top drawing.
Despite what the common public thinks...I feel that drawing in ballpoint is much easier in the final out come than drawing in charcoal or other medium. The tip is always sharp and consitant, there is almost no smearing, and it is virtually permanant. The only draw back is that most of the pieces are smaller, and when it comes to fill in an area, you will either need a marker of the same hue and a slightly lesser value, or just a buch of time. There is something about working small that I like post...

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