Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Gift

This one of a few Christmas gifts I did this year.  It was a last minute idea for my mom.  This is probably a sentiment shared by many, especially here in the cold, dark, bleak winters of the Midwest where the sun is down by 5 o'clock and it is 20 below zero outside...kinda hard to be motivated.

Pretty satisfied with the overall result.  The only things I would change are the size of the hands, and the perspective of that bench seat, as I was basically eyeballing it (lazy).  The other thing I noticed was, the silhouette of the bottle was disappearing into the background/bench.  I was able to adjust it a bit in the digital version, but the print ended up darker than expected, so...probably gonna need to go back and fix that at some point...should be simple enough to do.

Anyway...just thought I would share, as these are the projects I enjoy doing the most, and could actually see doing something like this as a collaboration with a company of sorts (basically packaging design or illustration).

So, another gift and another piece in the old portfolio!  Happy New Year, considering all that has happened, this next year (and possibly four) should be very interesting to say the least...excited to see what happens...and a bit scared, too.

Buckle up!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Tribute Sketches

Just under the wire with this one on the old blog-o-sphere.  Really glad to have the chance to do this.  I could really do another set of these, and will definitely revisit this movie very soon.  This round was fairly straight forward, as I wanted to do 30 sketches in about 30 days.  Anyway, learned a lot doing these.  I included some of the sketches that didn't quite make the cut in my original posting of these on Facebook.

Like I said, there will be at least 3 more Labyrinth related sketches coming well as some new online ventures and such.

Thanks for stopping by...happy holiday!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Sketch Paint Study Stuff

Here are some things that were painted a few months ago and forgot to post...procrastination.  Some is more recent...and there are other things in the works, as always.  The studies are labeled after the artist they were copied from.  These are great, great artists, that you should look up on the internet and study from too.  These were done with a time limit of 2.5 hours or less, because slowness is a personal problem.  Apologies to the artists for not doing a better job.

All the other things are just doodles and things for fun and exploration.  So far, on a personal level, Tombow dual ended brush pens are the funnest, quickest, and most intuitive tools.  Color pencils are probably the best, still.

Only 3 more weeks of live caricature before the rehabilitation process can begin on art, creativity, and general well-being..hope to make it through...hope to be able to recover quickly.  So very tired.