Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cold Case Solved

Forgive the lengthy story, but, I felt compelled to share this recent discovery...or at least document it for myself.

It has been just shy of 30 years in the making, but a song I have been looking for (apparently since April of 1987) has finally been found.  I was 6 when I first listened to it on MTV, and have remembered it ever since.  The only things I could remember were the basic melody of the refrain/chorus, it was black and white/monochrome, there was a harmonica, and the lead singer was a blonde, white dude with longish hair, styled like Elvis.  The rest was vague for me, other than it felt kind of somber.

As far back as Napster, I have searched the internet for this song.  In total, I must have spent days sifting through eighties music.  Youtube made searching easier, but still no luck for years.

A few days ago, was listening to songs on Youtube, and off on the side bar was a song title whose syllables phonetically triggered my memory to remember the melody of the hook of the song that I have been looking for all this time!  To most people, it probably isn't the best song ever made (it isn't).  The video is pretty cheesy/corny to me, and the hook is probably my least favorite (not horrible, though).  But the song itself is still as enjoyable to me as the first time I heard it, and was my first "favorite song."  The biggest surprise was finding out who the artist of this song was (highly coincidental).  This musician was already one of my favorites, but now...could possibly be in contention for #1 all-time favorite musicians/artists.  His latest album has been playing on my ipod for over a year now, and I consider it to be his best.  Anyway, the song is called, "Never Let Me Down."  

Now all I need to do is locate a rap/hip-hop song from the 90's that features a kid covered in metallic paint who is break dancing in a mime style.  After that, all my song searches will be solved...I wanna say the group is called, Juvenile, but I have not found it yet, so it probably isn't.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Should You Need Me...

The last of the Labyrinth sketch illustrations.  I must admit, this got way out of hand, but I am glad to have made it through, and followed through on all of my goals for this.  It started at the end of October, and is finally done.  Probably spent about 3 hours at night, each night for the last 3 months.  Learned a lot, grew a lot and now, it's all said and done.  I would make reference pages as I went.  In the end, there were about 77 total pages of collages with images and reference that were gathered from the internet.  After the 30 sketch card illustrations were completed, it was very tempting to call it done, but the thought occurred, "Do you really want to visit this again...would you be able to?"  So, I muscled through it.  Very, very tired now...looking for the next art avenue, not really sure where it is.  Very glad to be able to honor this movie, and all the art that has inspired so many artists...Brian Froud is the man!

In other news, got a new Instagram account about a month ago.  There will be a public announcement at some point, but,for now, just filling it with old illustrations.  So, not much new for friends to see...and out of respect, I am holding off a bit before officially announcing it (so they are not seeing old art).  However, it should be alright announcing it here, because not too many people visit blogs these days.  It's unfortunate...I actually like this format the most.  It seems more meaningful, insightful, and personal than most social media these days.  Not that there is a lot this old lump of coal can bring to the table in terms of insight, but it is nice to have the option, and not feel like you are shoving it in peoples' faces.  And, quite honestly, how many different venues does someone really need?  So, add another place to the list where I pump out free advertisement and entertainment for people.  It just seems so impersonal these days.  Being a loner, I never thought I would have cared enough to say that, but it just feels that way...does anyone else feel that?  One thing to be said in the positive, Instagram is better than Facebook, in my opinion.  But "Blogger" is the best venue, because it is the least obtrusive.  Personally speaking, posting on Facebook seems very embarrassing at times.  Not sure why it feels like that, because I like seeing other peoples' art posts.  It just makes me wonder if people really want to see these posts, or if they are just being polite.  It's always appreciated...just curious.  That is another reason I have held off from adding close acquaintances (for now).  Just want to see what people really think of these art posts, if they do at all.

Anyway, if you see this post, you can try and find me out there, it shouldn't be too difficult.  Or, I will find you, or you will eventually see a post on Facebook...and then we can all like each other's art all over again, forever...or not, that's cool too.  Fuckin' A.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Gift

This one of a few Christmas gifts I did this year.  It was a last minute idea for my mom.  This is probably a sentiment shared by many, especially here in the cold, dark, bleak winters of the Midwest where the sun is down by 5 o'clock and it is 20 below zero outside...kinda hard to be motivated.

Pretty satisfied with the overall result.  The only things I would change are the size of the hands, and the perspective of that bench seat, as I was basically eyeballing it (lazy).  The other thing I noticed was, the silhouette of the bottle was disappearing into the background/bench.  I was able to adjust it a bit in the digital version, but the print ended up darker than expected, so...probably gonna need to go back and fix that at some point...should be simple enough to do.

Anyway...just thought I would share, as these are the projects I enjoy doing the most, and could actually see doing something like this as a collaboration with a company of sorts (basically packaging design or illustration).

So, another gift and another piece in the old portfolio!  Happy New Year, considering all that has happened, this next year (and possibly four) should be very interesting to say the least...excited to see what happens...and a bit scared, too.

Buckle up!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Tribute Sketches

Just under the wire with this one on the old blog-o-sphere.  Really glad to have the chance to do this.  I could really do another set of these, and will definitely revisit this movie very soon.  This round was fairly straight forward, as I wanted to do 30 sketches in about 30 days.  Anyway, learned a lot doing these.  I included some of the sketches that didn't quite make the cut in my original posting of these on Facebook.

Like I said, there will be at least 3 more Labyrinth related sketches coming well as some new online ventures and such.

Thanks for stopping by...happy holiday!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Sketch Paint Study Stuff

Here are some things that were painted a few months ago and forgot to post...procrastination.  Some is more recent...and there are other things in the works, as always.  The studies are labeled after the artist they were copied from.  These are great, great artists, that you should look up on the internet and study from too.  These were done with a time limit of 2.5 hours or less, because slowness is a personal problem.  Apologies to the artists for not doing a better job.

All the other things are just doodles and things for fun and exploration.  So far, on a personal level, Tombow dual ended brush pens are the funnest, quickest, and most intuitive tools.  Color pencils are probably the best, still.

Only 3 more weeks of live caricature before the rehabilitation process can begin on art, creativity, and general well-being..hope to make it through...hope to be able to recover quickly.  So very tired.