Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cold Case Solved

Forgive the lengthy story, but, I felt compelled to share this recent discovery...or at least document it for myself.

It has been just shy of 30 years in the making, but a song I have been looking for (apparently since April of 1987) has finally been found.  I was 6 when I first listened to it on MTV, and have remembered it ever since.  The only things I could remember were the basic melody of the refrain/chorus, it was black and white/monochrome, there was a harmonica, and the lead singer was a blonde, white dude with longish hair, styled like Elvis.  The rest was vague for me, other than it felt kind of somber.

As far back as Napster, I have searched the internet for this song.  In total, I must have spent days sifting through eighties music.  Youtube made searching easier, but still no luck for years.

A few days ago, was listening to songs on Youtube, and off on the side bar was a song title whose syllables phonetically triggered my memory to remember the melody of the hook of the song that I have been looking for all this time!  To most people, it probably isn't the best song ever made (it isn't).  The video is pretty cheesy/corny to me, and the hook is probably my least favorite (not horrible, though).  But the song itself is still as enjoyable to me as the first time I heard it, and was my first "favorite song."  The biggest surprise was finding out who the artist of this song was (highly coincidental).  This musician was already one of my favorites, but now...could possibly be in contention for #1 all-time favorite musicians/artists.  His latest album has been playing on my ipod for over a year now, and I consider it to be his best.  Anyway, the song is called, "Never Let Me Down."  

Now all I need to do is locate a rap/hip-hop song from the 90's that features a kid covered in metallic paint who is break dancing in a mime style.  After that, all my song searches will be solved...I wanna say the group is called, Juvenile, but I have not found it yet, so it probably isn't.