Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue Goo

So, I did another of the airbrush skills are a bit shakey...and the brush itself is kinda jacked this one isn't as polished...but still sellable. If I ever have a better studio setup, I would like to try this with more opaque paint, rather than water based. There are many possibilities to explore.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make fists with your toes

Well I'll be...if it isn't Georgia O'Qweef herself.
So, I have done these paintings before...and from the long days this summer doing caricatures, I made some more (or was making some before customers came). These were inspired by an artist named Justin Moberg (I hope I am spelling his name correctly). I saw his airbrushed paintings in college and was really amazed by them. So, I decided to try a couple. I like his airbrushing better, but it was fun practice. The bottom face is a study of Alex Ross's...kind of turned out more like a statue.
This is about as abstract as I have been in my short life as an artist...and it is kind of relaxing, and kind of exciting as well. I like the relaxing part more though.