Friday, November 26, 2010

Andreita's Golden Birthday

Happy Birthday to Andrea Salinas! Today is her 26th, and Golden Birthday. Here is a picture of her with her hooping buddies...together, they are the Elektrodolls! They posses the powers of hypnotic hooping. Andrea is the founder of Elektrodolls, and also of Hula Hula Workshop. She and her group perform in venues all across Ecuador. She is a Hula Teacher, and Hula Aerobics Instructor too. Congratulations Andreita!
I have a bit of the process here...this wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be...I blocked everything in pretty quickly, and very rough. The majority of the figures are being swallowed by the atmosphere, so this was really more of an exercise in graphic sensibilities than usual.
I actually had this done since October, but didn't want to risk spoiling the birthday surprise. I have more art on hold as well. I have been pretty busy dealing with clients, and meetings, and submissions...mostly things that I am hoping are going to help me support myself and move forward in life...but these types of art projects will always be my favorite thing to do.
Anyway...the next one will be even more broken down into steps.