Thursday, September 24, 2009

oops...forgot this one


 here are some various mannequins from art/comic books, life, and imagination. Starting to focus more on extreme/dynamic foreshortening...its pretty easy with a reference, but is still tricky without. But its fun.
More soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Hoops

Well..What a busy summer. I am glad I made it through. Here is another of the few personal projects that I am working on. This is Andrea, a good friend and accomplished artist in her own right. She hails from Ecuador, and is a hoop dancer, swing dancer, and all around performance artist. When she is not hooping, she is teaching it to others...she is a great person!

I don't know if I will color this one...I kind of like it how it is...but there is that side of me that would like to experiment more in, we'll see.

Well, those Celeb samples below never made it to the wall...I simply became uninterested after a second glance at them.

Hope who ever sees this enjoys...maybe something will spark soon...I hope :)