Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make fists with your toes

Well I'll be...if it isn't Georgia O'Qweef herself.
So, I have done these paintings before...and from the long days this summer doing caricatures, I made some more (or was making some before customers came). These were inspired by an artist named Justin Moberg (I hope I am spelling his name correctly). I saw his airbrushed paintings in college and was really amazed by them. So, I decided to try a couple. I like his airbrushing better, but it was fun practice. The bottom face is a study of Alex Ross's...kind of turned out more like a statue.
This is about as abstract as I have been in my short life as an artist...and it is kind of relaxing, and kind of exciting as well. I like the relaxing part more though.

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Taylor S Smith said...

AWESOME! The effect of the soft gradation of colors has a really cool look to it. Especially with your understanding of form and lighting.