Sunday, October 4, 2009

Journal Times

So this is from the spring of 2007. These were some people in a life drawing co-op...only $5 for 3 hours...just 3 or 4 blocks away from our house. In the winter of 2007, I moved to San Diego to live with one of my good friends Nick Navatta (see my inspirations link for his art). It seems like a long time ago, but as I am looking at this drawing, it is begining to feel like the whole experience happened just yesterday.

Although that experience was really challenging at times, I met some really good people, and had some good times. When I first moved out there, I had a mini lapse of confidence, and moved right back home about 2 weeks later. At the time, it felt like a failure, but I think the sudden contrast of environments really helped me to see the difference of life styles, and also made me realize that I needed to go back.

After about a week at home, I flew back to San Diego and started to live there again. Originally, I was going to work at Sea World, which would have been a really awesome and humbling experience because of the talent out there, but when I got back, Nick told me that the zoo was just 5 blocks away from where we lived. It was awesome working at the Sandiego Zoo...even though I didn't really agree with the business I worked for...the people were cool, and the animals were really inspiring to be around. The managers were really understanding, although they were probably a little annoyed with my flakey approach.

Everything was an easy bike ride away...and right next to the zoo was Balboa Park...a very beautiful and cultural area. There was also this sweet mexican restuarant just a block away from our house with these awesome breakfast burritos that weighed as much as a brick. I would get one almost every day after it, and fall asleep on our couch at about 6 pm. They are probably really unhealthy for you, but for $3.25, you can't argue too much.

Anyway...I am really glad that I had the chance to experience these things...those were really good times. More to tell about those times later...enjoy!

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