Saturday, October 3, 2009

Journal Entry

Alright, so this is the start of many entries to come where I am going to be reaching back into the "Oldies But Goodies" files...This one is from 2007?

I am doing this for many reasons. It is good to give these pieces some exposure, I can see my progress, and it is essential for me so I don't forget what I liked/like about my own style. On that last reason...there is something in me even from my childhood, that is the fear of losing something. I think many people have this, but I remember it happening to me with basketball. The season would end...months would go by, and I would play different sports...when I came back to the next was like learning all over again.

I eventually learned that to obtain that skill permanantly, you had to keep in practice...for me to gain back a lost skill takes about 2 weeks of solid drilling...then I feel comfortable enough to start to grow further. I think those two weeks really take a lot of energy though, so I am always hesitant to quit something for that reason...unless I lose interest.

So...I will post again tomorrow, with another random tangent of life as I see it...enjoy!

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Tim said...

Damn dude, this is really nice! Great exaggeration of scale and features. Teach me your ways or i'll light you on FIRE!