Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Times

Alright, so the bottom is a study from one of my all-time favorite illustrators, J.C. Lyendecker. It was done right before New Year...which is why I chose to draw a baby (one of his trademarks was his "New Year babies"). I tried to be as painterly as I could with the strokes...concentrating on economy and efficiency. It seemed to go pretty smoothly, and I really felt as though I had connected with something in the style and approach...then again, it could just be because I didn't have to imagine any of his incredible design was all laid out there.
The top one was done in 2009 at my friend, Justin Fox's house...a really down to earth artist. The dogs were inspired by his dogs...mainly Bella, although the other dog was much more of a character...can't remember his name...want to say Barney??? Anyway...these were some people that were there. I had more drawings of this event, but they are lost somewhere. I will have to post them once I find them. Enjoy!


Twan said...

i love that one of johnny

Johnny Shen said...

haha, nice dude.