Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bow Down to Yo' Masta'

Alright, so here is my latest from one of the best, worst movies ever...The Last Dragon.  I have done 3 other illustrations that you can access here,  here, and of course here.
I plan on doing 2 more illustrations at some point, one of them will be quite an epic undertaking of an illustration(at least for me), but for now, I am going to be taking a break from this movie. 
Be sure to watch this short compilation of clips from the movie to gain a sense of these illustrations.  This movie was a staple for me during my childhood, and each time I watch it I am entertained.  However, I can't promise the same nostalgic experience for you, so be warned and I hope you enjoy!


The Last Glow said...

Matt, Excellent work as always. Love how you included secondary characters not just Sho' & Leroy.
This will definitely be included in the next "Best Art Inspired by The Lat Dragon" on the:


Matthew said...

Thank you...I hope the fans appreciate it!

Chris Miller said...

Epic. Just epic! I wish I could speak more intelligently about why it's so good, but that's all I got.