Sunday, March 20, 2011

When I Say Who is The Master, You Say...


This is the first parody of a series I am working on from the movie, "The Last Dragon."

This movie was definitely a staple of my childhood experience, and I am always interested to ask people if they have seen it. If so, they will usually quote a line (as there are many) from this memorable character, Sho'Nuff, played by Julius Carry.

Although the movie seemed to be a failed marketing scheme of Berry Gordy (producer), it was actually pretty well least in my opinion. I am sure that I have some childhood nostalgia tied to that judgement. It just embodies so much of what I remember the eighty's to be. The fashion and styles, the music, and ninjas...if there was one movie that made me want to be a ninja more than anything, it was a tie between this and the American Ninja movies. Another thing I like about this movie is its tribute to one of my heroes, Bruce Lee.

What more could you ask urban kung fu musical parody of Bruce Lee's likeness with a soundtrack by Motown Record greats such as Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson; plus, a cameo of a younger William H. Macy.

I highly recommend this movie, and I will be working on the next illustration from this series shortly.



brad said...

Wow. Just ... wow.

Melissa said...
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lordmarcus said...

This is awesome Matt.

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

I watched this over and over as a kid. 66,922,625.65 times to be exact.

Looking forward to the next one

Taylor S Smith said...

Sweet dude! I'm digging the dual light sources, especially.

The Last Glow said...


I Love it! Great Artwork Matt. I am a huge fan of The Last Dragon. I have a blog and Fan Tribute page for The Last Dragon. I would love to include your artwork in a future blog post. I will give credit and of course include a link back to your blog.


check out the blog:

Aaron Austin said...

I love this pic and have taken it for my tumblr. I have credited you for the picture, but if you would like me to take it down or label it differently, please let me know.