Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chop Chop Holy Ass

Alright, so this one got a little carried away with the details, but I feel it was essential to at least indicate some of the intricacies. I am pretty happy with the piece, accept for the guy on the end (right side)...his face is a bit off in the likeness, but the expression is there and I know what would need to be changed, so I am at peace with it.

I kind of want to switch to a more traditional approach for the next couple pieces. I want to do about 2-3 more pieces before I take a break from this movie and move on to the next.



Twan said...

awesome dude! really funny, and a full embodiment of the 80's

Matthew said...

Thanks Antwan

Feng Meng Vue said...

first thing i noticed was my name on dudes button-up!!

awesome piece man!