Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Land of Scot

Here is a caricature of the legendary Scotland Barnes. We used to work together at Blockland, and now we go to school together. He is a really talented storyboard artist/cartoonist...check out his work here:

Anyway, this is a sketch from memory, so I am not sure how accurate it is. I think I drew the jacket wrong. Scotland is really knowledgeable on historic artifacts and memorabilia and such...he was telling me all about his jacket once, but the whole time he was talking about it all I could think was, "I wonder when he is going to make some really outlandish comment." Shortly there after he put on that cheese-ball grin of his and started accusing me of being a womanizer, and how nobody can ever get me to shut up...he never lets me down.

That is probably the thing that I find most entertaining with Scotland...he takes the things that we are all either consciously or subconsciously thinking of saying, whether it is true or not, and actually says them...and they are usually at the most inopportune times like, in a movie theater or at a funeral...just to see what happens. I am too shy for some of the stuff he pulls, so I really admire it...and it is pretty hilarious too.

So there you have it...and if I did screw up on the jacket, I'm sure I'll hear all about it in class.



Ricardo Vasquez said...

For a memory sketch I'd day it's right on buddy!! Awesome job!! Gotta love Scottland!!:)

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

AHAHAHA! You made him really short. Poor Scotland.
One day at work he started going off about torture and who was the best at it. Kim was still new and morman so she looked pretty shocked the whole time.
Good times