Sunday, February 15, 2009

Having some fun... here are some more sketches. The top is of a guy who studies at Studio 2nd Street with us...his name is Mike, and he works for "Topps" creating trading cards of athletes. He is a really good artist...and enormous. He was posing for us this last friday the was our open sketch night at the school. People who attend have the option of posing for 20 minutes...that thing in his hand is a digital timer. I am glad he posed, it was fun to draw him.

The next is some random sketches...and the last is of a model that we had in the uninstructed workshop was a three hour session, but the first drawing was a disaster for me, so this one is about an hour and a half...just going straight in with pen.

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Ricardo Vasquez said...

Awesome sketches man...I especially like the Bald Caricaturated guy!!