Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ground Control to Major Tom the top studies are done in red in copic marker and red ball point. The girl is the 2nd of 3 studies...the other two posted earlier. The thumbnail is for an illustration I am working on. And the guy is David Bowie as The Goblin King from Jim Henson's The Labyrinth. His likeness is slightly off still...he needs more hollowed looking cheeks, his eyes are too big, and his hair is a little off kilter...but I am pretty happy with how this technique is shaping up, and also how there is more of a feeling of atmosphere. This one took about 3 hours.

As for the mice...I was just having fun...I may take a few of the characters and inject them into the illustration I am working on, or I may use them for an entirely different series of illustrations...I don't know yet.


Thursday, November 6, 2008 here are some studies I am doing of a friend. I took a photo of this page to give an idea of how I establish a rough mannequin for the gesture of the pose...I also did a portrait study of a different photo on the same page...
...on this page you can see the finished version of the pose...I can see that I made her left foot too big...this is good, because now I can go pack to my earlier phase and see what an incorrect lay-in looks like, so in future studies, I don't make the same mistake. However, I am glad that I made the foot too big, because that means I am addressing another of my problems, which is perspective/foreshortening. So...the mistake isn't too horrible after all haha! I also redid the portrait study...I think it is pretty close as well, but still does not feel like the more study should do it.

And here is just a singular vignetted portrait. Again...very close, but no cigar on this one. I will say though...these are sellable drawings...just like to push as much as possible.
Anyway...hope you enjoy!


Here is a page of thumbnails I did at a friend's house...these were just to try and focus on composition, and work on my idea/creativity skills...they were fun to do. The top left corner is a poor caricature of one of the hosts...just trying some stuff out...sorry time.
These are a page of thumbnails. The page is roughly 8.5 by 11...these were from imagination mostly...with some real world inspiration.

Here is a full page sketch (8.5 by 11)...this took about an hour and a half to complete...It is done with Tombow (sp) ink brushes...I think I worked a little slower with these because I am not so familiar in working with them quickly. The perspective is off here and there...but it is nice and loose for the most part.

These are thumbnails on the same size paper as the ones above...2 are in red ballpoint...the others are in ink brush. The ink brushed versions were blocked in more painterly this time...for the most part heheh...Enjoy!

Figure Drawings... are the 2 remaining life drawings that I had promised from my "Extend Pose Figure Drawing" class. The top one took 9 hours and the bottom took 3...I actually like the bottom better, and wish I could have spent more time on it...I guess the fact that I was feeling rushed may have forced me to trust myself more and move forward quicker.
At any rate...they are what they are, and it was a pretty fulfilling experience...Enjoy!