Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here is a page of thumbnails I did at a friend's house...these were just to try and focus on composition, and work on my idea/creativity skills...they were fun to do. The top left corner is a poor caricature of one of the hosts...just trying some stuff out...sorry time.
These are a page of thumbnails. The page is roughly 8.5 by 11...these were from imagination mostly...with some real world inspiration.

Here is a full page sketch (8.5 by 11)...this took about an hour and a half to complete...It is done with Tombow (sp) ink brushes...I think I worked a little slower with these because I am not so familiar in working with them quickly. The perspective is off here and there...but it is nice and loose for the most part.

These are thumbnails on the same size paper as the ones above...2 are in red ballpoint...the others are in ink brush. The ink brushed versions were blocked in more painterly this time...for the most part heheh...Enjoy!

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