Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sketch Doodles

Some more sketches from imagination.  The middle page is mostly inspired/copies of Cory Loftis and you can see the exact reference I am using here.  The last rock formation (furthest right), is my own creation based on those studies...and the top illustration of Link is the final conclusion of these studies.  All the characters in the bottom illustration are mine, accept for the back of the head shot of that kid...that was inspired by a character in an illustration by some French dude that I lost the link if you're out there French dude, I am sorry.

I am trying to move forward with some colors.  I think I am going to use gauche and or acrylic and or doc martin dyes.  The choices are endless, and for a dude like me, the mere thought of all the variables involved in doing a color illustration properly is paralyzing, and I have to remind myself to lighten up.  Put my pants on one leg at a time.

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