Monday, April 29, 2013

Sketch Dumperoo

Well...time for some more sketchbook entries.  The top page is imaginative figure studies.  The middle is some color exploration with various mediums and one study of Bill Presing (as labeled).  The last is more rendered figures done in pencil, pen, and col-erase.

The winter is finally over, and I have to say...that was one of the longest winters ever.  Much of it was spent thinking/reflecting about what to do to move on/move forward with art and life.  The effort of thinking was greater than any other year, but the result was the same...more tire spinning. 

The game of art is changing too, and there are new articles/videos about former, big-name artists leaving the industry because it is corrupt.  Disney has eliminated its traditional animation department, and giant Hollywood studios are stiffing special effects studios after months and months of production, choosing to outsource for cheaper, slave-labor rates, and all the while the Internet has become a buffet for copyright infringement.  I have personally seen my own art used on various sites without asking for my permission.  I have had to put up a copyright disclaimer in my blog header because of it...the ironic thing is that I had to copy and paste the disclaimer from another site, because I am not a litigious person at all, and wanted to make sure there were no loopholes in wording.  Just some more bullshit artists have to deal with because of douchebag, sheisty jerks out there.  The next thing will be to start putting those ugly copyright watermarks all over everything, and for an artist to have to deface their work like that...well I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like that lack of voice/freedom.  Most thefts don't really matter in the long run, but it is the principal of it all.  I like to show my work, and write about it, mainly for myself (as a way to document/journal my processes/progress), but I also like to use this blog as a way to showcase my journey, and it is really frustrating when you see your work on some foreign site, being sold as their product. is really hot in here right now...kind of burnt out/tired of drawing, like I have hit a wall.  It is like being at the lower peak of this giant mountain, taking a break/exhausted while admiring the view.  It is a good view, but there is still a long way to climb, and you are wondering where you are going to find the strength to do it.  There needs to be a next move...painting, drawing...something more than just figures...but drawing figures is too fun!  I have this fear of losing the ability to draw figures or just how to draw, period...but it is definitely time to move on.  The question is, what does that mean?  Will there ever be a point of being content, or should you be more content in the fact that you will never be content, and therefore constantly growing, and never bored...and how do you balance a living during all of this?  One thing I am thankful for is being able to create art, even if it's being ripped off by one group of people, and ignored by another.  It feels good to have made these little strides, moving forward.

Time to cool off...enjoy.


jimbodraw said...

Great stuff Matt!

Cheryl said...

You'll never forget how to draw, Matt. It's an intrinsic gift, a part of you that stays with you. Thank goodness! You do it so well. Hang in there and if you need a break, take one. Might be a good way to reset your vision. Best wishes.

Twan said...

good thoughts Matt, you are doomed brother..we all are(artists) I'm afraid the only entitlement we receive for being soul searchers and creators is the privilege to say "I told you so" when it ends ...and that is only so satisfying :)

you need a break, you come visit, and while your here we'll solve the worlds problems

chill bro ;)

Taylor S Smith said...

Thanks for sharing the awesome art work, as always. Perhaps there's a balance between being content and ambitious. Setting goals and striving to improve while being happy with the skills we posses? I liked what you said about taking a rest to enjoy the view on the mountain you're climbing. :)