Friday, January 11, 2013

Art Grinding

These are just studies.  The top page is full of Erik Gist studies (and one Ron Lemen); the arrows, text, and linear drawings are my own addition based on things I have pieced together throughout the years of learning the craft of figure drawing/art.  The second page are studies after a phenomenal artist by the name of Riccardo Mannelli.  The third page is either labeled with the artist I studied from, or not (because it is my own creation).  The fourth one is me playing.  And the last one is from various photos.  Enjoy!


Taylor S Smith said...

As always, awesome art, dude!

The Christmas caricatures and humming bird are great, too! Related to the humming bird post, I hear you about remembering when drawing was more exciting and fun. Maybe it's just that way in our heads? I think you're right about loosening up and sketching for the heck of it, and not being concerned about creating a portfolio piece. Perhaps those are our best portfolio pieces (the ones we don't try hard on or create from the heart).

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) did a great interview on WTF podcast last week. He talked a little about how much he enjoyed the days of playing in the garage and playing music for the sake of playing music. He described it as "getting off" (I love that). Not to make a dollar, but for the pleasure of just doing what you love.

Thanks for sharing the great art and keeping the inspiration going. Those are some great links to other art related blogs you have posted, too. You and Antwan are the reason why I've found so many great artists and resources to keep inspired by :)
Thanks man!

Matthew said...

Thanks Taylor, and likewise on the inspiration!

I will have to listen to that interview during my next drawing session.

Cheers dude!

jimbodraw said...

Matt - beautiful work, really - thanks for sharing.