Saturday, December 25, 2010

Solektrodoll I will start of by saying something I should have a while ago. The references I used for these drawings were photos by another professional photographer...unfortunately, I don't know their name, otherwise I would give them credit and a link to their work, as they did a really great job. Having said that, these drawings are mainly intended as exercises in my growth as an artist, with the added bonus of being a gift as these references are the best resources I have to work with.
Well...I could give you a long winded explanation to this process again...or I could direct your attention to the true instruction of what I try to base all my realistic art off of...The Drawings of Ron Lemen. Thankfully, Ron is gracious enough to post his tutorials and art online. Although it is about 20 times more informative to take a class directly from Ron...these drawing tutorials do a much better job than I at clearly showing the process I try to emulate. I would highly recommend their school, Studio 2nd Street, and taking classes from either Ron, or his wife Vanessa, as they are both masters at their craft. (see comments below for a link to the free tutorial)
Well, I will keep trying!


Matthew said...

Here is the link to Ron Lemen's Tutorial

jimbodraw said...

Nice work Matt!

Taylor S Smith said...

Wow, dude! Really fun to see these drawings you're posting! Thanks for sharing.

robb miller said...

Great work...again! Awesome!!