Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Elektrodolls Caricature Illustration

Alright, so here is the caricature version of the Elektrodolls. I had a lot of fun working on this...it was quite a challenge for me, but nothing I couldn't handle. The above drawings are just a few of the many studies I did to try and gain the feel of what I am going for. I am still not quite there, but I am really quite happy with the result. I wanted the feel to be a mixture of humor, attraction, and action...all while maintaining a likeness. Each girl had her own personality...it was really though to try and see that through just a photo...so I hope I did alright.
Anyway...be back soon with more...Enjoy!


Squall said...

freakin hot man! The only gimmick I've got about it is the lack of contrast between the subjects and the background. Have you tried any other background colors?

Matthew said...

Thanks for the comment! Well, I did try to leave some white around the figures, but that gave them a glowing effect. I also tried to lighten the background, but I kind of lost a sense of the audience. I guess I will have to pay closer attention to the way I design light into the picture next time...maybe some rim lighting will help give separation.

Anyway, thanks for the comment!