Friday, January 30, 2015

Castlevania IV

Here is a throwback illustration of the Super Nintendo (SNES) game, Castlevania IV.  This game was and still is, in my opinion, the greatest Castlevania game ever made.  To be fair, I stopped playing video games in 1999, but I still own each system, and the nostalgia attached to the times spent playing these games with friends runs very deep.

Anyway, here are the steps of progressions, revisions, and variations leading to the final illustration you can see at the bottom of the list.

It was fun to revisit these memories while creating this piece...perhaps there will be more in the future (hopefully)...enjoy!


Britney said...

Loving how that linework turned out, as well as the final piece!
Thanks for offering an insight to your process.

Matthew said...

No problem, and thank you!