Friday, October 12, 2012

More Struggle

Here are a couple of charcoal drawings.  I still feel like I struggle quite a bit with realism...the time and execution doesn't feel as natural or effortless as I have observed them to be in the great artists and illustrators I have learned from.  It is very frustrating to still not have that kind of control, and I would really like to reach that point.  Until then, I will continue working towards that goal...and asking people who are there for advice.

These are just random photos that I have found while being on the Internet.  I see photos that I think I might like to translate into a drawing and file them away...the file is quite large now...I think I have serious problems.

Also, while typing this, I didn't realize that the word "Internet" is meant to be capitalized.  I never thought of it as a proper noun...does anyone else feel that way?  I guess it is pretty important and one of a kind.


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