Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Theme Park Cleansing here are some studies that I have been working on.  The red sketches are most recently done from Burne Hogarth's "Dynamic Anatomy", and Ron Lemen's article in Imagine FX's special issue "How to Draw and Paint:Anatomy Volume 2."  I had mentioned this issue a few posts back, but had not really had the time or energy to give it some proper study until recently.  I labeled the drawings according to who I was studying from, and any drawings not labeled were a product of my own creation based off what I am trying to learn from their teachings.  I think the greatest lesson I learned from these studies is that I still have a lot to learn.  It's a good feeling to have.

Speaking of which, it feels great to not be working 10 hours a day 6 days a week for a bit.  The break is nice, but it has also been a struggle for me.  I always feel like I need to cleanse myself of "theme park drawing" and get back to exploring a larger range of possibilities in what I am interested in as an artist.  I would say that the month just before the beginning of this work season was a great peak for myself.  I hope to return there and beyond soon.

It is really tough to balance drawing for a job, and making art for pleasure.  More often than not, it is all or nothing when it comes to being a freelance illustrator.  I will complain about this in another post (wink).


Taylor S Smith said...

Great studies, dude! I love how you fit (compositionally) and organized them all together on the page, too.

Side note: Heidi got me a really cool Rockwell book as a gift. It's a collection of his photography and processes for his paintings. Looking forward to "geeking out" / sharing that with ya in the future :)

Matthew said...

Thanks for the organization, these drawings were individually cut and pasted together in not too impressive :) I do it that way so I don't have to worry about the composition and can focus more on the study.

I'll give you a call sometime will be good to catch up!

lordmarcus said...

Awesome as usual.

Matthew said...

Thanks Marc...I learned it by watching you.