Friday, May 11, 2012

Clarence Feeds a Man

Here is a final illustration of my step Grandpa, Clarence.  My real grandpa died long before I was even born, so I never had the chance to know him.

Clarence and my grandma, Irene have now been married longer than she and my real grandpa, Dolphe (a.k.a. Doc).  It has been a bit of a curve to be used to that, but I am pretty content with it now.  I still hope to meet my real grandpa one day, but in the mean time, this is a small token of my appreciation to Clarence for filling in.



Braxton said...

Hey man. Great work. You've really got it. I abandoned illustration for photography a couple of years ago, and while I've done well there, I miss illustration. I've decided (after being laid off my desk job) to take it up again and really start refining my art. I appreciate the links you have here and some of your instructive posts. Thanks.

Matthew said...

Hey Braxton, thanks for visiting the blog, and also for the compliments! I hope the posts are enjoyable and informative...and I wish you well in your art journey!