Saturday, October 8, 2011

Comedy Time

Just finished a really awesome project for a spot illustration in a poster advertising an upcoming comedy gig. This was a really great project to work on because I was working in collaboration with another artist (Jeff Pfoser), who actually happens to be a feature comedian at this comedy event coming up on the 15th.

Jeff (better known as Pfoser) is a professional graphic designer who works with my brother who is also a graphic designer. Pfoser (pronounced Fo-Zer) designed the layout and graphics of the final poster you see in the top image.

The big dude standing behind Pfoser is a comedian by the name of Gus Lynch. Gus is an up and coming comedian who has apparently taught Pfoser everything he knows. In other words, he is pretty damn funny and I can't wait to see him live!

I have included the stages of my process in coming up with the spot illustration of the design. The joke is mostly in the personalities and styles of these two comedians. As far as the design of their character types goes, it really could have went in any direction...they both have a multitude of facial expressions that really are a character designer's dream.

Besides working with another artist and having tons of great photos of expressions and gestures to choose from, I think their sense of humor was what made this a great project to work on, and a great end product as well.

Anyway...if you happen to read this post, be sure and stop out to the show, it should be a great night for all!


lordmarcus said...

This is really awesome dude! Great work!

Taylor S Smith said...

AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the process, too.