Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making the Color Journey...Slooowwly

Alright, so the top is just experimenting with colored pencil over the top of that marker technique showed earlier.

The bottom are some isolated studies of J.C. Leyendecker done in colored pencil. I like colored pencil because they are neat, cheap, less toxic, and more portable. They are a bit more tedious to use than paints because once you mess up, there is no going over the top or erasing.

For the hand I used: White, Cloud Blue, Blush, Lilac, Slate Grey, Terra Cotta, and Jasmine Yellow.

For the boy's face I used all the colors listed above, plus: Dark Umber and Grass Green?

I cannot remember the exact colors for the woman's face, but I think it was the same...probably not quite as many, and in much different ratios due to the difference of ethnicity.

Each study took from 1.5-3 hours. The goal is less about proportion and more about color forgive me if the woman looks a bit like Sloth from "Goonies."

I am going to try to make one of these a personal life is a complete mess as usual (stupid fucking health) we will see what happens.



jimbodraw said...

Great stuff Matt!

Twan said...

nice blending there matt.
that colored pencil work is very well mapped
did you layer it at all?

Matthew said...

Thanks fellas.

Antwan, there is some layering going on. I can't recall exactly, but I know that I started with a subtle veiling of browns and some other choices according to the hue and value, and also depending on the relationship to the hue and value of the blending color I used for the smoothing phase, and vise versa.

lordmarcus said...

These are really great Matt! Keep em comin!