Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Biker

Here is another 2-3 hour charcoal on newsprint...18X24" This is one of my former roommates, Taylor can view his art in my inspiration column.

We (Taylor, Antwan Ramar, and I) all worked at Lego Land doing caricatures, and we all biked there since none of us brought a car while we lived out in California. I really enjoyed biking along the beach when there was no rush. However, I really didn't mesh into the politics of Kaman's Art Shopes so well (which is an understatement), especially after working for Richmond Illustration. So the bike ride to work was often a dreadful one, and I usually opted to take the bus there, and then bike home.

Its too bad that I hadn't realized Taylor was going to model in his full Lego Land attire...the uniform looked like a rejected concept for Fruit Striped Gum...this didn't help your confidence as a professional artist, but I think we pulled it off pretty well.

None the less, I am glad to have made it through the experience, and to have met the great artists there...and the stories, oh the stories...(the horror...the horror...)


Melissa said...

Great work Matt! These look fantastic.

Matthew said...