Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here are some more sketches of me and my parents from memory. I ended up deciding to bring this one of my mom to full color. I think this style works...I would like to experiment with some water colors.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kind of Hazel

Alright...so here are my latest subjects. This is my cousin Joe and his girlfriend who I have not met yet. It was hard to judge how to caricature her from this one flash photo taken in a bar...and also not having met her, but I enjoy a challenge I guess.

I used a bic pen for the linear layin, plus a micron for any larger areas of black. Then I scanned and photo copied the drawing. Next I added some value with a 30% Warm Gray marker (prisma color). For the color portion, I used prisma colored pencils.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Park Madness

Alright...so here we have, Mr. Bean...Ice T...and my self. These were all done this summer with what little energy I had at my job of 10 years at Valleyfair. The season is now down to just weekends. I don't really like that Mr. Bean anymore, but I would like to redraw him. Rowan Atkinson has a great face...and I think I would like to explore a more exaggerated expression of his. The Ice T is referenced from the '80's cult classic movie "Breakin'." For those of you who have not seen it...I suggest you do so, as it is quite funny. Plus, Turbo is a sweet break dancer.
The one of myself was actually done early in the year...when my goal was still exaggeration and not rubber stamping my way through a crowd of customers so I could use the bathroom. The hairline is a bit distorted...as well as the nose...but I am pretty happy with how the drawing feels.
This summer was tough...and having breathing and heart trouble really puts a damper on my creativity. It helps to write and talk about it...but I really hope to be well soon. And now I have the time to focus on better health!
I promised myself that I would take some pictures of some caricatures I was proud of...and I was proud of some earlier in the season...but I only acquired a camera recently, so the ones I snapped are pretty generic (or maybe they all have been). I am going to try and push exaggeration again this next weekend...we will see what happens and if my heart can take that excitement of an angry customer, and all that goes with that.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well...this is try #2 for this pose...and guess what...it is almost exactly the same as the first try (sigh). It is a bit of a 3-point perspective, but even so...the head is too big. The hoop...still too wobbly.

On the plus side...at least I am consistently solid in the academic sense of drawing a convicing figure/portrait...but my eye still becomes lazy at times...even taking frequent breaks only helps so much. There is still some trouble I am having with the scale of the features in relation to the overall size of the head. I am most happy with the text logo on her shirt...it is simple and to the point.

Anyway...I guess failing is a part of the process as well. I know that I will redo this one again at some point...but for now, I am just going to move on to the next work in progress.