Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is a redraw I did of a talented artist/co-worker pal by the name of Casey. The first drawing I did was live at the park, after a slew of descent park drawings. I always freeze up when I draw people I know live...I freakin' hate that. Anyway, the drawing turned out horrible...I mean really horrible. What's even worse is that she went to be drawn by Tom Richmond probably 5 minutes after that (she must've been on a mission that day). So not only did he see the drawing, but he also did a flippin' sweet drawing of her. Then she brought them both look at them side by side made me feel like dirt. She was really polite about it though.
Anyway, I figured I would do this one in my "real" style, as opposed to my park order to feel a little better about myself? I don't know why I can't figure out a way to draw more like this when I am live, even in a shorthand version...oh well.


CaseyBug said...

You are one of the raddest mo-fos I know, bro! :D

Thanks again!


Matthew said...

No problem esay...and thanks :D