Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Now I have a machine gun...ho, ho,..ho" ~Snape

Y'all look so lovely, give yourselves a round of applause, lookin' so lovely...And-uh, while you in the clappin' mood, why don't you give it up for my piece "Sexual Chocolate," it looks so lovely, wouldn't you agree?Its been a while...but now I have a scanner, thanks to my boss, Tom Richmond...check out his blog in my inspiration links on the right side.This beast is able to scan 12x17 pictures...this one is a 12x16 that I did out at the park in the first week with the airbrush. I have seen artists do this before, and have always wanted to try it out. I have to shake it to get it to work sometimes...but it does the trick so far. I have a bunch of sketches and things started/finished that I will scan soon too.Enjoy!