Friday, October 17, 2008

Bunch of Stuff the first drawing in this post is a study of horses from a Lyendecker piece...I placed the figures on them myself.

The other three drawings are from my conceptual environmental design class...these are tiny drawings (thumbnails) give an idea of scale...each of these pages of drawings is about 8 1/2 by drawing fits about the size of a credit card. We have reference for all...some are direct efforts to copy...some are inspired by a pile of junk...some are completely imagined. They are about 10 minutes a piece...I will have more soon too.

Well...until the next time (imaginary audience)...Enjoy!


Ricardo Vasquez said...
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Ricardo Vasquez said...

F*ckin'Matt your stuff is too damn good!! Kudos my friend!!

David Wolter said...

Cool stuff man! Those environmental studies are really cool. It's like all your sketchbook pages full of people have somewhere to live now :)
The 2 knights are great too - I feel like the leg of the guy in back is a bit long/large, especially since he's further away. But great poses and composition. You're frickin good.

Anonymous said...

Hey I thought you said you couldn't draw perspective!


Nah....Cool studies Matt! Going to develop any of the environments further?

Your sketch of 2 knights....from what I saw in class....again awesome stuff.

Matthew said...

Hey thanks guys! are absolutely right about the leg of the guy...he needs to move back in space...and the far legs on each horse need to be smaller for more of a perspectival feel...I always forget that.

Scotland...thanks for the props. I was inspired by your thumbnails you were showing me at blockland while we were supposed to be haggling customers. I don't know if I will take any of them further, but I do like the feeling of some of them.