Friday, July 4, 2008 here is an attempted portrait of Marko. I did a 20-30 minute study from life and then spent about an 1-1.5 hours bringing it to a finish on my own. It ended up looking more like a cross between Marko and Pee Wee Herman...both of which are over idealized. I think the chin and neck are too big, the back of the skull needs more mass, and the features are still too platonic. That is one thing that I am really struggling with. I keep on hearing people say that my rendering is good...but to me, it looks to perfect and not natural enough to the light. I also think the features may have drifted a bit from the original structure I had designed. I guess it just goes to show how little I still know. I remember instructors in the past telling me to study Vanderpol (sp) for rendering features more believable...guess I need more work. Anyway...sorry Marko.

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