Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brother James...This One's for You

This is a work in progress of a fellow artist, James Hungaski. I don't think I am going to finish this one off...I do like where it is heading, but I want to push the exaggeration in another direction. Hope you enjoy it brother.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seekers Philosophizing

Here is the finished version of that illustration I started a while ago. It was completed about a week ago, but I was waiting until it reached it's mailing destination before I posted. This is my former roommate (Nick) and myself from 2007 while I was living and working in San Diego. I had two other roommates (Steve and Kyla) was like a small family. These are some of the greatest times of my life thus far. I didn't have a car or a bed, and life was great. I was a bike ride away from the San Diego Zoo (where I worked) and Balboa I had free admission to those places. There was a life drawing workshop just 4 blocks away from where we lived, and every day there was plenty of stuff to do. There was an energy and a life that felt very similar to my childhood. After work I would go to this really great Mexican take out place and get a gigantic breakfast burrito with hot sauce, bike home, eat it, and fall asleep for 2 hours. Then I would wake up and bike to the coffee shop for some coffee and drawing, and sometimes we would all get together for a meal or a night out somewhere.
There are many more stories, and I may do some more paintings like this. I wish I was feeling better so I could have more of these adventures...hopefully soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Here are some more charcoal sketches of people I know. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blast from the Past-1998

This is a straight attempt of a photo from 1998-99 from my senior photo book. The photo was not the best one of myself, but I found it to be interesting, so I drew it.

My right eye, in the drawing, is sliding down my face a bit...and I don't really have such a bass mouth as I put in the drawing...but I still think it works out to be an interesting illustration. If I decide to paint this one, I will most likely adjust those elements accordingly.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Defeat Does Not Exist in this Dojo

Here are some portraits of some characters from the movie The Karate Kid. Say what you will about the eighties, but this movie is a classic. Pat Morita's face is so weird. Each one is about 1-3 hours...accept for the one in the middle (with the chopsticks), which was more like 5 hours.  Also, check out this classic commercial from the 80's.


Friday, February 3, 2012

White Boys Progress

Some progress on the latest digital painting I am working on. I don't know how professional illustrators who work in this style do it...they must be getting paid a lot of money because I can tell is quite labor intensive. Just the painting portion of this illustration that I am posting here is already at least 24-30 hours in.

I think if this project were an actual illustration I most likely wouldn't have made such an elaborate pen sketch under painting, but even so...just seems like a lot of work. I like how it is turning out so far. I am basically selecting the color right from the photograph, so don't be fooled. I find that I learn quite a bit more about color correctness this way. Some of the colors, like the greens in the shadows, and the greys here and there, I would have never guessed...I don't know how some artists can see that...or maybe they know by experience of having seen it the same way I am (with photoshop) enough before to make that decision clearly. Either color needs work.

Other than that, I am starting to have heart palpitations again...thanks Jesus. No, it could be worse I guess...and it most likely will be. Just kidding...sort of.