Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lilac and Violet Mist

Here are some drawings that I had done before my summer of caricaturing ended...I really was starting to finally feel free in caricaturing, and content. Although my park drawings were not as exaggerated as these...they were finally starting to move in that direction...the problem is that most people who sit down don't really show their true personalities (or they don't have one to begin with).

The grey scale drawings were actually done earlier in the season...while the color markers were done toward the end. I find that color adds something to the under drawing...more to do with feeling than structure. I was just experimenting with how it looks with the airbrush. I like purple exclusively, and light cerulean blue for any shadows that will not be airbrushed over the top (like whites of the eyes/teeth/anything white) makes sense to the true nature of cast shadows' bounce light in nature/atmosphere.

Anyway...these are just drawings for fun...I may post some airbrushed examples...there are some that I had done that I wished I had photographed the last few days, but then again...they probably weren't as great as I thought they were (live drawings). I am also working on some color pencil drawings utilizing the same technique. It's time to dive into color I guess.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Just some practice away from the park.