Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free Time

I managed to do a couple of drawings in the 100-120 degree heat index weather we have had for the last week. It was very awful, but now, it is just a memory.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Down Time

So here are some caricatures of some of the staff out at Valleyfair and also a sheet of random faces. I hope to do the rest of the staff before the summer is out, but my airbrush is pretty jammed up at the moment. A couple of these were done in pencil, but the majority were done with a black Crayola Marker and a 30% grey scale marker and then airbrushed over the top. I should also note that, on the first page of random faces, the face in the bottom right corner is a study of Joe Bluhm...all the rest is me.

One thing that is for sure...these are much more fun and loose than any of my park samples. I am really upset at myself about the way my customer drawings look...but it seems to be the only thing they accept. It's very frustrating, and too bad...for them and myself.

More to come soon...enjoy!